About us

majitelé v restauraci Leaf

Welcome to LEAF. Chef Barbouche Simunkova and Sommelier Michal Bilek have partnered to create a culinary venture that celebrates nature’s diversity, changing seasons, and local terroir. With expertly curated regional and international wines, Leaf elevates the humble to the noble. A beet. A potato. A leaf. Artfully prepared and served with a glass of wine by candlelight.

Our daily menu shifts with nature’s palette, embracing Czech cuisine and inspired by world gastronomy. Leaf works directly with local farms. Produce is picked at the peak of the growing season and meat is sourced from kind hands. At Leaf, we highlight sustainability. Together we work with our farmers and our community to embrace a circular ecosystem in effort to live more gently on the earth. We are here to serve our neighbors and to make new friends, so join us at Leaf. Make your next dining experience memorable.

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